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24 cans, 100% natural flavors

6 cans of
6 cans of
6 cans of
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6 cans of


No Sugar

No Calories

Nothing Artificial

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What are the natural flavors in Ugly?

We use a blend of natural ingredients: fruit extracts, essential oils and natural aromas. Our natural flavors are all propylene-glycol free. Our flavors contain no sugars or artificial ingredients. Because, who needs it – right?

What is Ugly?

Ugly is flavored sparkling water. Ugly contains no sugar, no sweetener, no calories and nothing artificial. We use a blend of natural ingredients: fruit extracts, essential oils and natural aromas.

Does Ugly contain any sweeteners?

No, there are no sugars, sweeteners or artificial ingredients in Ugly. Ugly does not contain stevia or aspartame. Our Ugly Drinks are unsweet and that’s the way we like it.

Where can I buy Ugly?

You can buy Ugly online at uglydrinks.com. We are currently only available online in the United States but keep an eye out on what we’re up to on social, @uglydrinks, we’ll keep you up to date with new places to find us.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription by logging in using the user log in at the top of our page, clicking on manage subscription and selecting cancel. We’ll be sad to see you go and hope you’ll look upon the time we spent together fondly. We certainly will!
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